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My scope of my work covers a variety of styles ranging from Still Life, Fashion, Glamour, and Portraits all the way to Sensual, Boudoir, Fetish and Erotica photography. Therefore I am very capable of creating images that are in concert with the vision you are seeking. Describe to me your creative desires and we can collectively make them a reality!

I find the female form with all of it's graceful curves and softness to be beautiful in so many ways. As you can see in my portfolio, I work with a diverse array of models of different body types, ethnicities, shapes and sizes. I use styling, light and shadow to bring out the unique beauty that is in each individual I photograph. As a professional photographer, I am very patient and encouraging, while also bringing a sense of rhythm and structure to each photo sessions. It is my goal to make our time together as enjoyable, easy and carefree as possible, while still allowing the creative process to flow freely. 


Our project can be as short as a 2-4 hour session to a more extensive, all-day indoor/outdoor and/or on-location sessions, depending on the theme and style desired. The current packages offer many options, but should you wish to have a more customized photo session, I can easily tailor one to meet your exact needs and desires based on a specific budget.


​I live and work in the San Francisco Bay area. My studio is very roomy, comfortable, versatile and filled with gorgeous natural light. A complete variety of beautiful sets and backdrops, lighting and props available to create the perfect scene including a private dressing room as well as the services of a professional hair and makeup stylist if desired.


Thank you for your time and consideration. I very much look forward to working with you! ~~~ Matthew

Behind The Lens

Thank you for visiting my photography site. I have been a professional photographer for more than a decade. I am also a traditional artist, that is I paint using oil and acrylic on canvas and other mediums. This experience allows me to incorporate a much deeper understanding of the human body, face, colors, shapes, contours, curves, light and shadow into every project. All of these elements assure the creation of the most unique and timeless visual art for you.

Since everyone is unique and has different needs, quality time is spent prior to each shoot to get a feel for the personal style, color and theme desired, in order to create the most unique images. Every session is treated as a brand new project, a collaborative one rather than a pre-staged or pre-packaged set of photo shoot sessions.

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